Sarah Hopkins' Harmonic Whirlies

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Colour Coding
on Handgrip


Lower Range Whirlies
(Larger Diameter)
Chakra Information
Higher Range Whirlies
(Smaller Diameter)
Chakra Information
Blue For throat, third eye and heart.
Assists with healing issues related to children. (Throat: communication and creative expression.
Third eye
: insight, intuition and perception.
For throat and into third eye (finetuning). The sound goes into the right side of the emotional field and assists with clearing father issues.
Green For heart and solar plexus.
Calms the mind. (Heart: compassion, healing,centering. Solar plexus:vitality.psychic awareness,nervous energy)
For heart and base (finetuning). Opens up the heart centre and clears blocked energy from the base centre.

For solar plexus.
Opens chakra and pulls out stuck emotional energy. Very healing. (Solar plexus:vitality,psychic awareness,nervous energy)


For solar plexus and sacral (finetuning).
Puts energy into the sacral centre which goes into the kidney meridians and then pulls out stuck emotional energy from the solar plexus. Also calms the mind.
Purple For third eye centre, heart and sacral centre.
Putting energy directly into the third eye centre. Links heart and mind together. (Third eye: insight, intuition and perception)
Third eye and solar plexus(finetuning).
Links heart and mind together.
Red Throat, solar plexus, kidney acupoints and spleen.
Uses the spleen to access the two emotional centres, throat and solar plexus. (Throat: communication and creative expression. Solar plexus: vitality, psychic awareness, nervous energy)
For throat, heart, solar plexus and base (finetuning). Allows energy in the solar plexus to rise into the throat for expression and release. Very fast playing activates the base chakra and acu-point and sends energy up through the central core of the body into the throat. (Base: passion,physical and sexual energy)

1997/1998, Sarah Hopkins,Mike Robinson and Kay Gardner

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