Sarah Hopkins' Harmonic Whirlies

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Remember, these are musical instruments that everyone can play!

We have Whirlies and because we love them, we gave a set to our friends. We take them out to the garden, to the park and the beach and have fun playing with them. I especially like them because they make me feel happy. The best thing is that Mum and I can share them and make music together and my friends can join in when they come to visit. The Whirlies aren't like other instruments because everyone can play them - even my cousin who is 2 and my Grandma who is 65.

Jordan Elizabeth McKenzie
Aged 9 Queensland, Australia

Children enjoy the Whirlies
Sarah with the Whirlies

Whirlies  used in Drama
The sound of the Harmonic Whirlies is very healing, it clears all stagnant energy away, so you should feel really vibrant and re-energised after playing them! They're amazing! Fantastic Vibrational Healing Tools!

Mike Robinson, Spiritual Teacher and Healer, England

Harmonic Whirlies are extremely easy and enjoyable instruments to play. They can be easily incorporated into a wide range of composing and performing activities within the curriculum to enable a high level of performance success from the beginner to the most senior student.

Leanne Mundt, Education Officer, Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Sarah's Harmonic Whirlies create not only beautiful sounds but also many different learning experiences for students in the music classroom. Intervals, chord progressions, compositional structure and many other facets of the Music Curriculum can be taught in a most unforgettable way with whirlies. Guaranteed stress-relief and a totally new experience for teacher and students alike!

Anne McWilliam and Jane White, Music Department, Coorparoo Secondary College, Qld, Australia.

Whirlies in Special Schools

I showed the Harmonic Whirlies to a group of twenty adolescents, all with severe intellectual and behavioural problems. The result was sheer joy - I had their complete attention, with huge smiles and then a rush to try them for themselves. We had a room of whirling sounds and even some autistic students who never crack a facial expression, were whirling away, with smiles on their faces. They are guaranteed to gain a response - the fact that their sound is lovely is a a bonus.

Geraldine de Korte, Teacher Special Development School, Victoria.

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