Sarah Hopkins' Harmonic Whirlies

Vibrational Healing Tools

  • The Harmonic Whirlies clear the space energetically (nothing negative can live in that vibration).
  • Playing and hearing the whirlies opens up everyone's auras and clears away old thought forms and stagnant energy.
  • The sound also breaks up blocked energy within the body.
  • Different whirly tunings have healing effects on different chakras, organs, meridians and acupressure points. They also effect the emotional field, assisting with healing and clearing various emotional issues, plus calming the mind.
  • The pure vibrational sound flows into an organ and then effects the meridian associated with that organ and stimulates the meridian.
  • The higher range whirlies fine tune what the low whirlies are doing and they all tend to raise the energy through the chakras.
  • They transmit coloured light and effect the auric fields of people in a universal way.
  • The sound opens everyone up and puts colour into them.
  • They create a safe doorway into the next realm.
  • The whirling motion "fanning" through the aura when you play the whirlies actually opens up the aura and clears the thought forms away and then the colours start to move - vibrant colours!
  • The sound of the Harmonic Whirlies is very healing, it clears all stagnant energy away, so you should feel really vibrant and re-energised after playing them

The Harmonic Whirlies Information Booklet which comes with each set, includes a comprehensive Vibrational Healing Chart. This details the healing effects of the 16 different instruments on the chakras, meridians, acupressure points and the emotional field.

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