Sarah Hopkins' Harmonic Whirlies

Harmonic Whirlies

  • Harmonic Whirlies are truly unique musical instruments which everyone can play.
  • Each whirly produces celestial sounding pure harmonic music whilst simultaneously providing powerful vibrational healing.
  • When spiralled through the air at different speeds, each whirly plays approx. six astoundingly pure notes from the harmonic overtone series.
  • Harmonic Whirly Sets are being used and enjoyed by many schools, community groups, special schools, healing practitioners, dance companies and individuals all over the world.
  • The Harmonic Whirlies are available in a variety of sets and tunings as well as individually. There are 16 different instruments: 8 low range, plus 8 matching higher range instruments from C5 (middle C) to B6 an octave above.
  • The Harmonic Whirlies are easy to play, powerful Vibrational Healing Tools which are fabulous for 'energy balancing', alleviating depression, cleansing your home and workplace of 'negative' stagnant energy.
  • As musical instruments and educational tools the Harmonic Whirlies are being used in conjunction with bands, orchestras,choirs,chamber ensembles, didgeridoos, community music events and have also been used in collaboration with the Gyuto Monks of Tibet on "Sounds of Global Harmony".
  • They have colour-coded handgrips relating to the chakras, which are clearly labelled with both musical notation and vibrational healing information.
  • Each set comes in a lightweight fabric carrybag with a comprehensive information booklet showing how to play them, together with a range of exciting interactive musical activities for individuals and groups of all ages.
  • They are priced from just AU$15 each to AU$150 for the Starter Set, AU$255 for the Standard Set and AU$390 for the Complete Set of 16 instruments
  • Also included is a 5 page document outlining curriculum applications for secondary schools, plus extensive information on how to use the Harmonic Whirlies for vibrational healing.
playing the whirlie boy with whirlie

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