Sarah Hopkins' Harmonic Whirlies

Educational Activities

The study of Sarah Hopkins' music and her Harmonic Whirlies fulfills several areas of the Secondary Schools Music Curriculum (Qld), namely:-

  • Music into the 21st Century/Instrumental Music/Women in Music/Music in Australia/ Beyond the Classroom (composer).
  • Small Ensemble - incorporating unconventional instruments/notation.
  • Contemporary Work.
  • Successful female (Brisbane-based) freelance composer.

    "Harmonic whirlies are extremely easy and enjoyable instruments to play. They can be very easily incorporated into a wide range of composing and performing activities within the curriculum to enable a high level of performance success from the most beginner to the most senior student."

    Leanne Mundt, Education Officer Queensland Symphony Orchestra

  • All 16 Harmonic Whirlies are tuned to "concert pitch" so they may be used in conjunction with other instruments or voices to add a special celestial quality.
  • The Low Range C5 and D5 whirlies can also be played as didgeridoos and all the low range whilies can be played percussively as handheld tuned "Drum-pipes".
  • As musical instruments and Education tools the Harmonic Whirlies are being used in conjunction with bands, orchestras, choirs, chamber ensembles, didgeridoos, community music events, music for dance, theatre, drama skits, blessing ceremonies and processional street theatre.

  • In drama/storytelling, use the Harmonic Whirlies to highlight special inspirational moments in the stories with musical interpretation.

"I have used the whirlies with my Year 8 class...The students were totally captivated and couldn't keep away from the whirlies. We used the sounds as part of the Drama Program as stimulus for plot and action. We had stories about ambulances, the afterlife, police, flying and birds. It was a totally successful drama experience and added much to the Drama Program in our lower school."

Jeannette Lind, Head of Performing Arts Department Shailer Park High School, Queensland

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